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Another Tier List!

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

One of the most common requests that I receive is, "Where is your Tier List?" So after 3 years of reviews on YouTube, here is my Tier List.

You all know me and shouldn't be surprised at how simple but out of the ordinary this Tier List is.

There are 3 tabs at the bottom; Headphones, IEM and Ranking Grade. In the Headphone and IEM tabs there are 3 sortable columns; Manufacture, Model and Grade. In the 3rd tab, Ranking Grade, there is an explanation of the Grade.

Explanation of the Ranking Grade: A "minus" is the lowest and a "plus" is the highest within that letter; if no "plus" or "minus" then it is smack in the middle of said letter. "A" equals "awful" which is the worst I have experienced. "B" equals "bad" which is barely tolerable. "C" equals "contender" which is gear that has a few flaws but is recommendable. "D" equals "delicious" which means this gear is highly recommended. "E" equals "excellent" which is the cream of the crop.

The overall grade is based on my review and is a mixture of the entire experience; build, comfort, sonics and everything else in between. To best understand differences in grades it is recommended you watch or read my review. More then likely you will be directed back to the original review/s when asking for comparison/s so why not watch it first.

Just because various products have the same grade may or may not mean they perform at the same level BUT is the overall grade for how it performs on it's own merit in my personal opinion.

Please keep in mind that this Tier List is my personal opinion and it more then likely will differ with other reviewers and your experiences.

Also, this is a living document and will be updated with each new review. Some grades may fluctuate without reason based on me revisiting the gear and changing my mind.

Please enjoy the Tier List and have fun comparing.


YouTube reviews:


Twitter: @TalkDbs



The Honest Audiophile research/review process:

Audio Terms/Definitions:

Recommended Gear:

Rosson Audio Design RAD-0:

Meze Empyrean:

Hifiman Ananda:

Sennheiser HD600:

Sennheiser HD660s:

Meze 99 Classic:

MrSpeakers Ether C (non flow version)

(similar to:)

Meze Rai Penta:

Meze Rai Solo:

ADV. M5-12D:

Empire Ears ESR:

Tin Hifi T3:

Tin Hifi T2:

Tin Hfi T5:

Moondrop SSR:

Monoprice Monolith THX AAA 788:

Sony NW-A105:

Sony NW-WM-1a:

Mytek Liberty:

HeadAmp GSX-Mini:

Soekris DAC1421:

Tor Audio Roger:

Schiit Auido BiFrost 2:

Massdrop THX AAA 789:

Grace Design SDAC-B:

Geshelli Labs Enog 2 Pro:

Geshelli Labs J2:

Geshelli Labs Archel 2:

Geshelli Labs Erish:

Music recommendations: (in order of playlist)

Tingvall Trio “Beat” - piano tonality

Sinne Eeg “We’ve Just Begun” - multiple layer soundstage

Molly Johnson “What a Little Moonlight Can Do” - female vocal tone

Leslie Odom Jr. “Under Pressure” - male vocal tone

Eric Clapton “Change the World” - soundstage, layering and placement

Yo Yo Ma “Ecstasy of Gold” - acoustic instrument timbre

Adam Baldych “Spem in Alium” - acoustic instrument timbre

Pain of Salvation “Stress” - percussion balance

Michael Buble “When I Fall in Love” - orchestral dynamics

Patricia Barber “Code Cool” - sibilance check

Christian Scott “New New Orleans” - shouty upper mids

Tool “Chocolate Chip Trip” - imaging

Hans Zimmer “Why So Serious” - sub bass extension

Marcus Miller “No Limit” - bass control

Dave Holland Quartet “Conference Of The Birds”- bass check

Ilhan Eshkeri “47 Ronin”- orchestra and bass dynamics

Hans Zimmer: “2049” - sub bass extension

Cher: “Believe” - sibilance

Stanley Clarke - “Passenger 57 main title” - percussion, bass, separation and placement

Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra - “The Pine of the Appian Way” - soundstage, imaging and separation

Houston Person - “You are my Sunshine” - tone and timbre

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