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Hidizs AP80 Pro - Small but Mighty DAP for All Pockets

Digital Audio Players come in all shapes and sizes and with all sorts of options. Searching for a DAP to purchase can be a daunting task. Many hours can pass by and you will have 10 different options in your cart. Depending on your budget, sonic preference and what options you want or need, there are plenty of solid DAP to choose from. I am here to throw another option into the mix for your consideration.


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The Hidizs AP80 Pro is a welcome surprise to the DAP universe. Upon opening the box, I knew immediately that this was going to be an experience like I had never had before.

NOTE: See the linked video review for more detailed information:

Simple but elegant is the AP80 Pro. Small but with a solid metal and glass build and a small 2.45" IPS screen that gives you all the information that is necessary without feeling too crowded. The buttons are responsive and well laid out. I did manage to have a lot of fat finger moments though as I the AP80 Pro is small and my hands are larger than average. Also, the screen at times doesn't respond to touches as intended or at all; taking multiple attempts to get to where you desire.

But overall, I find the AP80 Pro to have an easy to use interface and is user friendly. With a slight learning curve the AP80 Pro can be playing music with a swipe or button press.

Everything you need to listen to music is readily available with the AP80 Pro; 3.5mm and 2.5mm output. You also get Bluetooth in and out and USB C in and out. There are plenty options; I mainly used it with IEM outputs. It also has FM radio receiver and steps counter.

Inside are dual ES9218P DAC chips along with a Alps potentiometer.

The music library is easy to access and use. You can sort by file, artist, album and genre.

There is a detailed equalizer function that is easy to use. I didn't use this function but did test it out for review purposes; I do not use eq on a regular basis.

Playing music is what the AP80 Pro does best. The sonics of this little DAP is beyond surprising at how good it is. There is a natural, airy, warmth to the sound. Bass is defined. detailed and impactful without being dominate. Midrange is warm and smooth with clarity. Treble is full of energy and sparkle without being fatiguing. Stage width, depth and layering is accurate and engaging. Detail retrieval and resolution is spectacular for the price. Tone and timbre are exceptionally natural. If I were to knit pick, the details are slightly rounded and smooth and there is a little lack of naturalism, lack of natural sharp and jagged edges and sibilance and note weight and density is a bit of a lightweight.

Comparing to the Sony NW-A105 the AP80 Pro lacks the extras like streaming and Android. But makes up for it in sonics with its pleasant natural tones. The Sony is an upgrade with its bigger and more authoritative sound but at times can sound a bit enhanced.

I am honestly blown away at what the Hidizs AP80 Pro offers at this price point. If you are looking for a DAP in the $100 price range, look no further. I highly recommend the Hidizs AP80 Pro.

Thank you Hidizs for providing the AP80 Pro for review, greatly appreciated.

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