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NF Audio NM2+- More Than A Nuff Said About These, Here's My Impression Anyway! - Honest Audiophile Impressions

NF Audio has been manufacturing professional audio equipment since 2014, and the NM2+ is the first product of theirs that I have had the chance to review. I would like to express my gratitude to NF Audio for providing the NM2+ for review; it is greatly appreciated.

The NM2+ has been on the market for a number of years, with numerous reviews and opinions already out and about. However, I wanted to share my Honest Audiophile impressions on the NM2+ with you.

Are the NF Audio NM2+ still a relevant choice in 2024, or have they become outdated?

The NF Audio NM2+ will set you back $170 from your bank account.

The NM2+ features a dual cavity dynamic driver, with an impedance of 18ohm, a sensitivity of 108db, and a frequency response range of 9hz-40kHz.


The NF Audio NM2+ offers a delightful unboxing experience considering its price point. The outer sleeve is adorned with a few pictures and informative details.

The inner box unfolds like a book, showcasing the NM2+ in a CD display on one side and a user manual on the other side.

Under the user manual, there is a compact, sturdy carrying case. It features a basic design on the top and a stylish zipper pull.

This case provides adequate protection for the NM2+. Inside, there is a small compartment for accessories and adequate space for the NM2+ to be securely placed.

The CD display disc features subtle branding that includes the tagline "The In Ear Artist". The NM2+ faceplates are displayed in an appealing way.

Beneath the CD display, there is a compact disc housing the silicone tips provided by NF Audio in two varieties: balanced and atmosphere.

The balanced tips are black, olive-shaped, with a regular bore size, while the atmosphere tips are shallow with wide bore openings.

I observed a distinction between the two types of tips: the balanced ones increased the bass presence, reduced the upper frequencies, and offered a more intimate sound, while the atmospheric tips expanded the sound stage, reduced the bass presence, and added a touch of energy and excitement to the upper frequencies. Both tips provided distinct strategies for presentation, I preferred the atmosphere tips. Therefore, all sound impressions will be based off listening with the atmosphere tips. It is worth mentioning that both sets of ear tips fit strangely in my ears, requiring me to adjust the fit more frequently than usual as they give the sensation of slipping out, even though they are not.

NF Audio's stock cable is a QDC 2-pin 5N silver-plated OFC. I consider it to be of good quality, thin, and lightweight, featuring slightly aggressive ear hooks. Despite the ear hooks being a bit aggressive, they effectively secure the somewhat heavy NM2+ in position, making it less bothersome than usual. I don't particularly like the QDC design as I feel that the fixed angle can be uncomfortable for me more often than not.

NF Audio provides a 3.5mm to 6.35mm adapter, which is usually something I don't pay much attention to. However, this adapter stands out due to its silver-covered 3.5mm end featuring the NF Audio logo and a sleek, compact design. It complements the stock cable well, making it visually appealing.


The NM2+ is sturdily built, lacking the flashy appearance often seen in its price range, opting instead for a more understated premium look.

The metal shell is quite weighty, featuring ergonomic design on the back with a small wing and a medium-length nozzle. The nozzle's angle is not overly sharp.

The faceplate features NF Audio branding, while the shell displays the model name and purpose, NM2+ Monitor.

Each shell features a tiny blue dot bearing the NF Audio logo.

While the comfort level of the NM2+ is generally sufficient, its weight may pose problems for certain users. Personally, I notice that after an hour of use, I need to take a short break. The ins0lation of external sounds proved to be successful in muffling most noises, although louder sounds like cars, vacuum cleaners, and coffee grinders could still be faintly heard.


The NF Audio NM2+ has an impedance of 18ohm and a sensitivity of 108db, making it easy to drive. I have noticed that it performs better with a bit more power, especially when using USB-C dongles. While the NM2+ doesn't require a balanced source for power, a slight boost from a more powerful single-ended source can enhance its capabilities. When it comes to the presentation, the NM2+ is selective about the audio source it works best with. If you opt for a more clinical and analytical presentation, the sound may come across as thin, cold, harsh and brittle. I suggest using a source that offers a touch of natural warmth, as this will help enrich the sound and soften the upper frequencies, preventing them from sounding too harsh and brittle. My Review Process:

My Terms & Definitions:

My Reference Gear & Music:

Gear Used to Review:

AFUL Snowy Night

Fosi Audio DS2

Hiby FC3

Hiby FC4

Fiio KA17

Periodic Audio Rhodium

Hidizs S8 Pro

Fosi Audio DS1

Fosi Audio DS2

Hidizs XO

Aune Yuki

Nextdrive Spectra X DUNU DTC480

iFi Audio GoBar Kensei

Hiby R5 Gen 2

Geshelli Labs J2 AK4499

Geshelli Labs Erish 3

Fiio K11

Drop SMSL HO150x

Fiio K9 AKM

Fiio K19

Mytek Liberty DAC ii

Mytek Liberty HPA


Aune S9C Pro

Aune S17 Pro

How does the NF Audio NM2+ sound?

Does the versatility of the NM2+ extend to on-stage monitoring, given its ergonomic design? NF Audio states that the NM2+ is designed for monitoring needs, being a member of their Professional Series.


The NM2+ offers articulate and controlled bass, extending nicely into the sub-bass with sufficient authoritative impact and slam, yet without dominating.

It is clear that the NM2+ has sufficient bass quantity, but although drum hits are noticeable and audible, the focus and definition may not be the most precise. There are times when the bass gets confused on busier, more complex tracks. The tone and timbre of the bass is natural. The bass is tuned neutral with a hint of natural warmth.


The NM2+ mids will be crucial for most people in making their decision. There is a notable increase of approximately 10db between 1.5khz and 5.5khz. This peak brings a luminosity to the upper mids that may feel intense and harsh for some listeners. The elevated upper mids provide a significant amount of vibrant energy that can sometimes be overly intense, particularly on low-quality recordings. A warmer source can help reduce the aggressive intensity in the upper midrange frequencies. The midrange offers a spacious presentation, with solid note presence and fullness. The overall tone and timbre are mostly natural, although there are instances where the upper mid rise introduces a touch of artificiality. Brass, woodwinds, and strings occasionally exhibit a metallic, artificial sound but I don't consider it to be off-putting.


The NM2+ excels in treble extension, providing a delightful listening experience. The treble possesses a lively quality without being overpowering. The treble can sound harsh and sharp on a sterile, analytical source, while poorly recorded tracks can pose issues as well. Similar to the midrange frequencies, a warmer source assists in controlling the high frequencies. The treble is boldly and confidently showcased in a wide, open space, delicately balancing on the edge of being too much. The treble's tone and timbre are mostly natural, occasionally interspersed with moments of metallic artificiality but I don't consider it to be off-putting.


The NM2+ sound stage is authentic, effectively capturing the varying sizes of different venues with its wide presentation. The depth and layering is sufficient, although it may become somewhat muddled and disorganized on more intricate tracks at times. The imaging quality is excellent, enabling seamless tracking of details across the entire width without any gaps or stutters. The placement of details is excellent, allowing for easy analysis of the stage placement. Although it's not laser-focused, it is still quite precise. The detail retrieval is adequate, ensuring you won't overlook anything, although you also won't uncover any new details. The resolution of the details is generally good, although there is some harshness in the upper mids.The tone and timbre are generally natural, however, as previously stated, the mids and treble can sometimes have a metallic artificial sound.

In general, the NM2+ combined with the atmosphere ear tips provides a mid-forward and consistent presentation, ensuring that each frequency range retains its distinct and natural sound, depending on the source's capabilities.

How does the NF Audio NM2+ compare to similarly priced gear? Meze Alba:

My Review of the Meze Alba: The Meze Alba stands out for its enjoyable sound signature, deviating from a neutral tuning. It offers a more pronounced and rich bass response. The midrange is not as prominent on the Alba. While the treble extends similarly, it has a bit less energy. The Alba has a slight improvement in detail retrieval and resolution, with a more natural tone and timbre. It is not designed as a stage monitor but rather for everyday listening.

Tanchjim Kara:

My Review of the Tanchjim Kara:

The Tanchjim Kara is designed to be used as a stage monitor. Its bass offers a neutral and natural sound with body and precise control. While the mids of the Kara are not as pronounced as the NM2+, they remain the central focus of the sound without becoming overwhelming. The Kara's treble is well-extended and controlled, delivering ample energy. The stage width is similar, but the depth and layering are improved. The Kara has a big advantage in detail retrieval and resolution. Its tone and timbre are more faithful and precise. In summary, the Tanchjim Kara stands out as a more accurate stage monitor.


The NF Audio NM2+ saw improvements after changing the cable and using third-party tips. I discovered that opting for a copper or hybrid cable, rather than pure silver, enhanced its sound quality, providing a more enjoyable and natural listening experience. Two tips that not only enhanced comfort and seal but also improved the sound were the TRI Clarion and Divinus Velvet tips.

Is the NF Audio NM2+ still a suitable option in 2024, or has it become outdated, particularly as a stage monitor? The NM2+ is a reliable choice for 2024, although I believe that newer models such as the Meze Alba and Tanchjim Kara offer a better experience. While the NM2+ is a reliable stage monitor, I consider the Kara to be the superior choice in 2024. The Alba offers a balanced sound that is perfect for everyday use in 2024, unlike the NM2+. The NF Audio NM2+ is beginning to appear slightly outdated, with the younger models outshining it to some extent.

I am Dave the Honest Audiophile. Thanks for reading, and I will catch you in the next one. Don't forget to enjoy the music and that honesty is the BEST policy!

I am not a professional sound engineer, producer, musician, or vocalist, etc. I have not done any scientific research, measurements, or in-depth testing of any kind; just my own listening, comparing and internet reading/research.  I have limited, real-life experience with recording, mixing and mastering gear.  I have been involved since my teenage years with various churches as an amateur sound booth technician.

Please take these thoughts, opinions and reasonings as just that, my honest audiophile thoughts, opinions and reasonings.

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