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Welcome to the Honest Audiophile website, my very own passion project filled with audiophile review content. Explore my site and all that I have to offer; perhaps the Honest Audiophile will ignite your own passions for audio as well.

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Another Tier List!

One of the most common requests that I receive is, "Where is your Tier List?" So after 3 years of reviews on YouTube, here is my Tier...

Fiio FD5 - The Semi-Open IEM!?

IEM's come in all sorts of designs but semi-open isn't very popular. There are all sorts of designs & technology found in IEM these days....

Topping A90 - The Unseasoned Amplifier!?

How much seasoning do you want in your curry; none, mild, medium, hot or torture? None please, I like my curry bland. Amplifiers come in...

ThieAudio Legacy 2 - Fascinating!?

Every now and then an IEM comes to the review desk that peaks my interest but then fizzles out. Then there are some that are fascinating...

Akoustyx R-110 - Akoustyxial Awesomesauce!

Every now and then in the audio universe, a musical, reference IEM that does it right comes along. Is the Akoustyx R-110 such an IEM? A...

Empire Ears ESR (Empire Studio Reference)

A studio reference IEM; Ohh great it is going to be boring! Empire Ears and my ears haven't always gotten along; we've tolerated each...

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A podcast like no other! A place to listen to audio reviews from the Honest Audiophile.

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